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Evolution of Love

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Written by Chelsea Luker
Arranged by Luker and Duval
Gil Assayas (Glasys) on keys and key bass
Stephen Pancerev on drums
Dan Duval on electric guitar
Chelsea Luker on vocals and Tenor Saxophone
Recorded and Mixed by Josh Powell at The Map Room
Mastered by Kris Crummett


What have i got in my pocket?
Some keys and a dollar in change
I've been here before and I've tried to unlock it
but the money's not always to blame
Because I wanted love
like the birds and the bees
but when you called my name
it was just so you could set me free
I baptized my heart in the water
I drank til i forgot your name
I read a few books that promised me happiness
but somehow I still feel the same
Because I wanted love
but you took it away
like my smile and my pride
it's just the loneliness that's here to stay
For 10,000 years our hearts burned in the sun
and the fire from our souls spit us out and then
we were one, but we're not one, no
Then we moved to the moon
then the salt, then the sea
and the tumbling tide, it rolled us out
and it set us free
But we're not free
Then I saw your face
Smiling at me
Then I saw your face
Smiling but not at me
You gave me some kind of a reason
Some reason that I can't explain
Why eyes work with hands and the feet with the legs
but the heart doesn't work with the brain
Until I let you go
just like sand in the sea
and the only person left to blame
Was Me.